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100 Legal Status of the School District

All powers not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. Iowa’s Constitution authorizes the creation of a Common Schools System. As part of this Common Schools System, this school district is a school corporation created and organized under Iowa law. This school district shall be known as the PCM COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT.


This school corporation is located in Jasper, Marion, and Polk counties, and its affairs are conducted by locally elected school officials, the PCM Community School District Board of Directors. This school corporation has exclusive jurisdiction over school matters in its territory.


Legal Reference:              

Iowa Constitution, art. XI, §§1, 8, 12.                                      

Iowa Code §§ 274.1, .2, .6, .7; 278.1(9); 279.8; 594A


Approved   12/20/90       Reviewed 04/18/2016       Revised