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102 School District Instructional Organization

The PCM Community School District offers an educational program for grades kindergarten (K) through twelve (12). The levels of instruction are organized by the following levels:

  • Preschool shall attend in Monroe, Iowa, or Prairie City, Iowa.
  • Grades kindergarten (K) through five (5) shall attend Elementary School in Monroe, Iowa, or in Prairie City, Iowa.
  • Grades six (6) through eight (8) shall attend Middle School in Prairie City, Iowa.
  • Grades nine (9) through twelve (12) shall attend High School in Monroe, Iowa.
  • Special education students will be assigned by chronological age for school placement (elementary, middle, high school), but their levels of instruction will be determined by a staffing procedure.


Each school building will have a certified administrator responsible for the administration and management of the school building, the school building personnel and educational program. The principals shall work closely with the superintendent, who shall oversee the administration and management of the school district.


Legal Reference:              

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Approved   12/20/90       Reviewed 04/18/2016       Revised 12/20/2010