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105.R1 Long-Range Needs Assessment Regulations

The process for long-range needs assessment for the PCM School District will include the following procedures:

  • provisions for collecting, analyzing and reporting information derived from local, state and national sources;
  • provisions for reviewing information acquired on the following:
    • state indicators and other locally determined indicators,
    • locally established student learning goals,
    • specific data collection required by state and federal programs;
  • provisions for collecting and analyzing assessment data on the following:
    • state indicators,
    • locally determined indicators,
    • locally established student learning goals.

These procedures will include:

  • The Board of Education desires to conduct a long-range needs assessment of the district to establish new goals and set the direction for the district at a minimum of every five years.
  • The Assessment Team made up of counselors, teachers, AEA representative, and curriculum director will analyze the district data, and make recommendations to the District Improvement Team, the Advisory Team, the SIT Teams and building Teams.
  • District data will be presented to the District Improvement Team a minimum of twice a year and annual goals will be recommended from data gathered.
  • Input from the District Improvement Team, The Advisory Team, The SIT Team and Building Teams will be compiled and presented to the School Board.
  • The goals adopted by the school board will fit with the district’s School Improvement Plan.


Approved   04/17/00       Reviewed 04/18/2016      Revised