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302 Administrative Relationships

Administration and Board of Directors
The superintendent, as the executive officer of the board of directors, shall work closely with the board members, particularly the board president, to keep the board informed about school district operations. The board shall maintain contact with other administrators through the superintendent.
The administrators and other administrative personnel shall work with the board of directors through its executive officer, the superintendent. The administration, in working with the board of directors, shall assist the board by gathering information, as requested by the board, informing the board about school district operations, implementing board policy and making recommendations.
The superintendent, unless excused by the board president, and the principals, unless excused by the superintendent, shall attend each board meeting.
Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 279.8, .20, .21, .23, .24.
                                 281 I.A.C. 12.4(4).
Administration and District Personnel
As managers of the school district, the administration team shall recommend for employment school district personnel, supervise, and evaluate their performance. Complaints or request by district personnel shall first be reported to their direct supervisor for resolution. It shall be the responsibility of the administration to resolve complaints and handle requests.
It shall be the responsibility of the administration to foster a positive attitude and to promote a cooperative effort among school district personnel. It shall also be the responsibility of the administration to prevent misunderstandings within the school district and the community about board policy. It shall be the responsibility of each administrator to provide leadership to the personnel, and it shall be the responsibility of each district employee to work cooperatively with the administration to accomplish the educational philosophy of the school district.
Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 279.8, .20, .21, .23, .24.
                                 281 I.A.C. 12.4.
Administration and Adjoining District Administration
Efficiency and economics may be achieved by working with neighboring school districts in the offering of educational programs or in-service and the sharing of personnel.
The administration shall consider and explore opportunities to work with the adjoining school district to expand the opportunities for the students and personnel in the school district if so directed by the board of directors.
Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 28E; 279.8; 280.15
Administration and Area Education Agency
The administration shall utilize the resources of the Heartland Area Education Agency (AEA) on a selective basis, choosing to participate in high quality programs which specifically meet the needs of the school district. This includes utilizing educational materials and staff resources.
The administration may also utilize the AEA to facilitate regional programming and cooperation as well as to purchase supplies.
It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to coordinate activities with the AEA.
Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 28E; 273.1; 279.8.
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