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404 General Personnel Conduct and Appearance

School district personnel shall strive to set the kind of example in their actions and appearance that not only reflects positively on the school system, but sets forth a model worthy of emulation by the students. Enthusiasm, positive attitude, loyalty, and professionalism shall be the key words describing the goals of school district personnel conduct and appearance.


School district personnel shall conduct themselves in a professional manner. School district personnel shall dress in attire appropriate for their position. Clothing should be neat, clean, and in good taste.


Certified personnel of the school district shall follow the code of ethics for their profession as established by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.


It shall be the responsibility of the building principals to counsel employees assigned to their facility on appearance and conduct when the individual appearance or conduct may have a negative impact on the learning environment or is otherwise in violation of this policy.


Legal Reference:       

Iowa Code § 279.8.


Approved   1/28/91                 Reviewed   12/21/2015           Revised   12/21/2015