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409.9 Personnel Legal Leave

Jury Duty

The board will allow personnel to be excused for jury duty. The employee shall give reasonable notice of the jury duty service to the district and may be requested to provide evidence of the jury duty service performed.


An employee who is called to jury service shall be permitted to be absent from his/her duties without loss of pay and without charge against any leave. It is understood that no payment shall be made to an employee for such service on any day on which the employee would not have worked for the school district. An employee not required to perform jury duty all day shall return to work. Pay received for jury service, except mileage payments, shall be transmitted to the district within thirty (30) days of the receipt of payment.


The requirements stated in the Master Contract for PCM Community School District between the employees of a collective bargaining unit and the board regarding leave for jury duty shall be followed.


Court Subpoena

Employees may be excused without pay or may use a personal leave day for a court­-issued subpoena.  If the subpoena is issued for a school-related matter, and not for a personal matter, leave with pay will be granted.  The employees must request permission to do such from the superintendent or superintendent’s designee.


Legal Reference:                    Iowa Code §§ 20.9; 607A.45.


Approved   01/28/91       Reviewed 03/21/2016      Revised 03/21/2016