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503.3R1 Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures

The board recognizes that while certain fees charged students are appropriate and authorized, certain students and their families are not financially able to pay the fees. The school district will grant either full waivers, partial waivers or temporary waivers depending upon the circumstances and the student or student’s parents’ ability to meet the financial criteria.


  1. Waivers
    1. Full Waivers - a student will be granted a full waiver of fees charged by the school district if the student or student’s parents meet the financial eligibility criteria for free meals under the Child Nutrition program, Family Investment Program, Supplemental Security Income guidelines, or transportation assistance under open enrollment. Students in foster care are also eligible for full waivers.
    2. Partial Waivers - a student will be granted a partial waiver of fees charged by the school if the student or the student’s parents meet the financial eligibility criteria for reduced price meals offered under the Child Nutrition program. The reduction percentage will be forty (40) percent.
    3. Temporary Waivers - a student may be eligible for a temporary waiver of fees charged by the district in the event the student’s parents are facing financial difficulty. Temporary waivers may be applied for at any time throughout the school year and shall not extend beyond the end of the school year.
  2. Application. Parents of students eligible for a fee waiver shall make an application on the form provided by the school district. Applications may be made at any time but must be renewed annually.
  3. Confidentiality. The school district will treat the application and application process as any other student record and student confidentiality and access provisions will be followed.
  4. Appeals. Denials of a waiver may be appealed through the school district’s normal appeal process (Superintendent, School Board, and Department of Education).
  5. Fines or charges assessed for damage or loss to school property are not fees and will not be waived.

NOTICE. The school district will annually notify parents and students of the waiver in registration materials.


Approved   8/19/96       Reviewed 08/15/2016     Revised 08/15/2016