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505.10 Student Performance Testing for Classroom Credit

In meeting the needs of the students, the board may grant credit by performance testing for course work which is ordinarily included in the school curriculum.


The district strives to assure that students master content in courses before advancing to the next level in a curricular area. The district recognizes that learning also takes place in areas outside the school setting. There may be students, in specific situations, who possess the skills or have mastered the content in a prerequisite to a course. In those situations, procedures have been developed to determine if the student should be advanced and be excused from the prerequisite.


Students wishing to receive credit by testing shall have the approval of the assigned teacher and the building principal prior to taking the test. Testing for credit may only be utilized prior to the offering of a course. Once the course has begun, students must attend the class and complete the required work for credit.


The student will file a written request with the principal one semester prior to enrollment in the course in question. This request should also bear the signature of a parent or guardian. The principal will evaluate the request to determine if it is a reasonable request. If the request is reasonable, the principal will forward it to the teacher of the course into which entry is requested. The teacher will develop and administer a screening procedure for that course which would assure the teacher that the student has mastered the content in the prerequisite course and is ready to advance to the next level. The teacher will make the final decision whether the prerequisites for entry into the course have been met.


Performance testing will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The board will have final determination on the allowance of performance testing for classroom credits. The board may require testing after the completion of a summer school course, correspondence course or a course from a post-secondary institution prior to allowing such a course to count toward credit for graduation.


The guidelines for performance testing will be developed by the professional staff and approved by the board of education.


Legal Reference:                    Iowa Code §§ 256.11.

                                                281 I.A.C. 12.5(19).


Approved   02/26/91       Reviewed 10/17/2016       Revised 05/18/98