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505.9 Student Credit for Other Courses

Students in grades eleven (11) and twelve (12) may take courses, other than those taught by certified personnel of the school district, at an accredited post-secondary institution. The student may, with the board's discretion, receive credit towards the student's graduation requirements for the course.


The school district will pay the lesser of the actual costs of the course or $250 to the accredited post-secondary educational institution. The board will not pay for courses taken at a post-secondary institution while a student in grade eleven (11) or twelve (12) is enrolled full-time in the school district or the post-secondary educational institution.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to inform the board about courses student are taking under this policy and make a recommendation about the granting of credit to the student upon completion of the course. In making this recommendation, the superintendent shall consider the benefit to the student and other factors the superintendent deems relevant.


This policy will not apply to courses under the Senior Year Plus program, which are offered at or by a post-secondary institution for students as part of the school district's curriculum through a sharing agreement or other arrangement between the board and the post secondary institution.


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Approved   2/26/91       Reviewed 10/17/2016       Revised 10/17/2016