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605.5R1 Library Material Weeding Regulations and Criteria

The collection of the PCM Community School libraries will be continually reevaluated in relation to evolving curriculum, new formats of materials, new instructional methods and the needs of its users. Materials no longer appropriate should be removed and replaced with materials containing more current and accurate information. Lost and worn materials of lasting value should be replaced when possible. Weeding is essential to maintaining a relevant attractive collection.


The following guidelines are to be taken into consideration when weeding the collection:

  1. Are in poor physical condition.
  2. Contain outdated information.
  3. Are inappropriate for the age level being served.
  4. No longer support the curriculum.
  5. Have not circulated in the last five years.
  6. Have multiple copies – unless specified by teachers that multiple copies are need.
  7. Contain racial, ethnic and religious stereotypes – except when presented in an historical context.

Material that has been weeded will be:

  1. Recycled when possible.
  2. Bagged and tagged for destruction.


Approved   05/21/01       Reviewed 03/20/2017     Revised 03/20/2017