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711.1 School Food Program

The school district will operate a school nutrition program in each attendance center. The school nutrition program will include meals, through participation in the National School Lunch Program. Students may bring their lunches from home and purchase beverages and other incidental items.


School nutrition program facilities are provided to serve students and employees when school is in session and during school-related activities. Facilities may also be used under the supervision of the director of food service to employee groups, parent-teacher meetings, civic organizations meeting for the purpose of better understanding the schools, and senior citizens in accordance with law and board policy.


The school nutrition program is operated on a nonprofit basis. The revenues of the school nutrition program will be used only for the operation or improvement of such programs. Supplies of the school nutrition program shall only be used for the nutrition program.


The board will set, and annually review, the prices for school nutrition programs. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation regarding the prices of school programs, in accordance with federal and state law.


It shall be the responsibility of the director of food service to administer the program and to cooperate with the superintendent and appropriate personnel for the proper functioning of the nutrition program.



Legal Reference:               42 U.S.C.S §§ 1751 et. seq.

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Approved   03/25/91       Reviewed 09/18/2017     Revised 09/18/2017