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Board Members

The PCM Community School Board has a seven-member board of directors. The school board represents the people of the district as the legal body that established educational policies and set goals for the district.

Terms are for 4 years and overlap to ensure continuity of board leadership. School board members receive no pay for their public service. The school board is accountable to you, the PCM Community, to the state, and to the federal governments.
The board members serving the PCM Community School District are:
Nicole Stafford, District 1 ( Term expires 2021
Mindy McCarthy, District 2 ( Term expires 2019
Greg Ingle, District 3 ( Term expires 2019
Mitchell Chipps, President, District 4 ( Term expires 2019
Rod DeHaai, District 5 ( Term expires 2019
Alvin Keuning, District 6 ( Term expires 2021
Steve Nearmyer, Vice-President, District 7 ( Term expires 2019